Are you ignoring the signals your procrastination is giving you?

[Listen now] What it takes to overcome procrastination, build healthy routines, set courageous goals, and achieve them.

Dear friend

Just dropping in quickly to let you know that I recently talked to a certified goal-setting coach and learned so many valuable lessons. All the times I had procrastinated or felt demotivated suddenly made a lot of sense. I took so many notes during our chat and I can’t wait to apply them to my life right away.

The podcast is so valuable, I coudln’t wait until Friday to share it with you. Here’s a brief description followed by the link.

Your procrastination always tells a story.

Maybe you're prioritizing wrong. Or maybe you are afraid of failing. Or worse yet, you might be so afraid of success that you prefer not working and procrastinating?

I recently recorded a super-informative podcast with certified Goal-Setting Coach Kristina Jeppsson and discussed how to analyze and understand the signs your procrastination might be telling you about.

We also discussed the major obstacles that might be standing between you and your goal and how to get rid of them.

Listen now for an expert take on what it takes to set courageous goals and work on them hard enough to see them succeed.

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That’s all from my end for today. I will see you again on Friday. Until then, take care and stay awesome.