Building a community, beating procrastination, getting eyeballs on your content, and more.

Bonus: an exciting app that helps you take your personal and professional life to the next level.

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For taking your personal and professional life to the next step, no one can deny the transformative power of a community. My writing on Medium improved exponentially and I managed to double my income just by building a community of like-minded writers with similar goals.

They helped me edit my articles, and while editing their writing, I learned so much about how to make mine better. It’s always a win-win situation and an incredible learning experience.

The world wasn’t kidding when it said, “Your network is your net worth.”

This brings me to introduce…

An exciting app I recently came across

Plain Sight is a social platform for you to make connections wherever you go, both online and in person.

Making great connections shouldn’t be left up to chance or introductions. Plain Sight curates connections between like-minded people based on their skills and interests, so there are no more missed opportunities to connect with the type of people you’re looking to meet.

Learn more here

New podcast episode about beating procrastination

On this week’s episode of The BYBF Podcast, I talk to a certified productivity coach about the science behind procrastination and how to beat it.

We also discuss some interesting concepts like how the fear of success can cause a person to procrastinate. Paula shares some amazing micro-habits you can apply right now to live a more fulfilled, productive life.

Listen to the Podcast now

New YouTube Video on how to make your articles rank on Google

On this week’s YouTube video, I talked to technical writer, web developer, and SEO expert, Dr. Derek Austin on what it takes to make your articles rank on Google.

No matter which platform you write on or what topics you pick, it’s important to make it easy for your readers to find your articles immediately. A powerful tool to make that happen is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Contrary to what you might have thought, it doesn’t take a genius to figure SEO out. In this video, Dr. Derek shares some super actionable tips every writer can apply right away to get more eyeballs on their articles. It was eye-opening for me and I learned so many new things. You can watch the full interview here.

An article I enjoyed reading

My Life Became Richer the Day I Stopped Chasing Passive Income by Eva Keiffenheim, MSc.

In it, Eva talks about how passive income didn’t make her as happy as she thought it would. This post discusses how her life became richer the day she stopped optimizing for passive income, and how you can apply the same.

Some articles I recently wrote

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