Building a happy relationship

A chat with certified relationship coach, Tara Blair Ball

Hello there!

Have you felt stuck in your relationships, seeing the same pattern repeat over and over again?

Have you felt your partner didn’t respect you enough, but you can’t leave the relationship because if you did, you’d never find anyone else?

Have you stretched yourself thin, caring for your partner while putting your mental health at stake, but never received the same amount of care and affection in return?

If your answer to either of these questions was “yes,” then you, my friend, aren’t alone.

On this week’s episode of “Talk to a Coach with Anangsha,” I interviewed the certified relationship coach and one of my favorite writers on Medium, Tara Blair Ball. In our candid, no-holds-barred chat, Tara and I talked about how you can draw healthy boundaries in relationships, how to resolve conflicts with your partner in a healthy manner, how to identify codependency in relationships, how to know if you’re being gaslit by your partner, and so much more.

Tara herself was in an abusive marriage.

It took her years to see the patterns and finally gather enough courage to divorce her husband. Watch this talk as Tara opens up about her struggles, and how she forged her pain into something powerful that could actually help others struggling with similar issues.

I don’t usually get emotionally invested in my interview sessions, but Tara’s message was so powerful, I felt goosebumps erupt on my skin at several moments.

If you’ve ever loved someone, been in a relationship, or are in one right now, this video is a must-watch for you. Even if you’ve always been single, Tara’s words would show you a glimpse into the human psyche - all the darkness we guard so furiously inside us, and what can happen when all that’s revealed.

This is one of the most powerful and moving interviews I’ve shot. I’m so proud of how the video turned out. Watch the full chat session here.

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That’s all for today from my end. I’ll see you again soon. Till then, keep your spirits high, and stay awesome.