BYBF: Commitment is Important

There are some promises you need to stick to, no matter how tired you are.

Hey you!

Welcome to Be Your Best Self with Anangsha: the Sunday newsletter that does what it has to do, no matter how tired it feels.

Did you know, a few weeks back, I made a promise to myself (and to you) that I’d be sending you emails every Sunday? I’ve stuck to that promise for over a month, but today was different. I’ve had a hectic week, and because I was working the Saturday and half of Sunday, I didn’t get time to turn my computer on until now (10 PM IST). Every fibre in my body was screaming for me to take a break, to relax, and I almost listened to that.

In the end, I didn’t. Because a promise is a promise, and you don’t break that, especially on days like today when all I need is a little push.

And that’s what today’s newsletter is about: commitments.

When you commit to someone, you’ve got to try your level best to stick to that, even if that someone is you. Yes, you’ll be tired, and yes, there will be a million other excuses. But all it takes is a little push, and the rewards will be worth it.

You are stronger than your excuses, and you can definitely do it.

If you don’t, you might regret it later and start blaming yourself. All that guilt and self-retribution is much more difficult to handle than the temporary pain of sticking your ass to your chair and keeping your promise.

That’s all I have to say today. When was the last time you felt almost ready to give up, but pushed yourself and achieved amazing results? Please reply to this email to let me know.

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Thanks for reading and sticking with me. You are awesome. I’ll see you again next week.

Lots of love,