BYBF: Some Positive Vibes on the Last Sunday of 2020

Anangsha's reminder for awesomeness - the last email before this year ends

Hello all you lovely people!

This is the last email for 2020. Next year is beginning in a few days, and I have hopes it will be better. Sure, things will be tough, but remember, we, as humans, are resilient creatures. We have suffered through worse, and we will make it through whatever life throws our way.

If you’d like to do a year-end review to wrap up the current year and carry forward all the lessons you learned to the next year, you can follow this link to perform yours.

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Aside from that, here is the biggest lesson I learned this year:

Happiness, sadness, peace, turmoil - most of all these are in our heads. No feeling is permanent, and the only way to deal with them is to detach. Detachment means:

  • Accept that nothing you’re feeling or experiencing is permanent.

  • If you’re sad now, you won’t be sad forever. Don’t wish for sadness to disappear immediately.

  • If you’re feeling happy now, things won’t be the same all the time. Don’t wish for happiness to last forever.

Most people have the question that if we detach, we become like robots and we can’t appreciate life. Think of it this way - if you go to a five-star hotel, you enjoy the experience without wishing you could stay in the hotel forever, right? Similarly, if you rent a luxury car, you will drive around and have the best of time, but you won’t be devastated with the knowledge that it won’t be with you forever, right?

Every person, every relationship, every job, every feeling is temporary.

Nothing is yours to hold, but that doesn’t mean you can have the best of times with it when it lasts. In fact, when you detach and accept the impermanence of things, you learn to appreciate it better and enjoy the experience even more.

That’s the biggest lesson I’m carrying forward in 2021. I promise myself that I won’t crave to make happiness last longer. I promise that I won’t crave to make the sadness go away immediately. I’ll let each feeling run its course, and when the next comes, I’ll greet it like an old friend.

What’s your biggest lesson of 2020? Reply to this email to let me know.

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That’s all from my end today. I’ll see you again next Sunday (the first Sunday of 2021). Till then, stay strong. Keep smiling and be awesome.

With love,