BYBF: You Deserve A Break

Tell the capitalist in you to shut up and give yourself the love you deserve (Anangsha's reminder for awesomeness)

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In this era of “You snooze, you lose”, so many people are terrified of taking an off day. They fear the others might overtake them, that they would be left behind and fail to achieve anything they wished for.

But, hear me out. You don't need to be on the verge of a breakdown to deserve a break Abusing your mind and body isn't an achievement.

Let's not take pride in saying, "I work so much, I sleep only 4 hours a day"

The hustle culture if great, but you need to take care of yourself too. Let’s take this opportunity to normalise taking breaks.

Self-care is a priority, not a reward for completing your to-do list

Listen to your body and know when to stop. There's nothing wrong in watching a movie, binge-eating, or hanging out with friends if you feel like it.

Repeat after me: My productivity or achievements don't define my self-worth. I'm allowed to be lazy and still love myself.

(Image by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash)

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