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Hello all!

Tomorrow, I'm giving a talk on "Making it Big On Medium as a Non-Native English Speaker" at 9 PM IST.

If you're not aware, Medium is a platform with 2 million+ monthly readers where you can write on any topic you wish and get paid for it.

The talk will address some issues a non-native speaker can face among a predominantly American audience and how to overcome them. If you're planning to make money from writing or blogging, this could be the perfect opportunity.

Register here.

There are 70 other speakers talking about several topics related to writing, growing your business, and personal development. Check them out and make sure you sign up for the ones that interest you.

Here are some of the talks I’m super excited about:

  • Become Indistractable by Nir Eyal (Tomorrow 6:30 PM–7:00 PM)

  • Digital Marketing Success Strategy for Small Business by Ray Sidney-Smith (Tomorrow 7:00 PM–7:30 PM)

  • What Separates New York Times Bestsellers From Other Writers by Jim Woods (Tomorrow 7:30 PM–8:00 PM)

  • Five Public Speaking Hacks To Present With Confidence by Laura Izquierdo Bosch (Tomorrow 8:30 PM–9:00 PM)

  • Millennial Monks: Finding Peace and Purpose with Daily Habits by Dipanshu Rawal (Tomorrow 9:30 PM–10:00PM)

  • Use Storytelling To Discover What REALLY Motivates Clients by Cathy Goodwin (Tomorrow 10:30 PM–11:00 PM)

  • Finding the Why Behind Your Money by Scott Maderer (Jan 3, 12:30 AM–1:00 AM)

  • Why I’m Not Worried About Saving for Retirement by Quy Ma (Jan 3, 1:00 AM–1:30 AM)

  • How to Start Making Money Doing What You Love by Bere Schriewer (Jan 3, 1:30 AM–2:00 AM)

The whole event is completely FREE, so make sure to share with any friends who might be interested!

Register for the event here

I’ll see you around tomorrow. Do show up, and I promise you’ll find the talk super valuable. Keep rocking.