I Have a Surprise for You at 9.00 PM IST Today

What if you could learn all about crushing the Medium game from someone who's AMAZING at it?

Hey you!

Almost every reader on Medium has heard of May Pang. She writes these amazing articles that speak to your heart, well-researched pieces that actually convince you to change the rules of your game, filled with those adorable comics that always make you smile.

Today, at 9 PM IST (8.30 AM MST or 10.30 AM EST), I’ll have May all to myself for a chat filled with interesting discussions about what it takes to crush the Medium game. We’ll discuss May’s writing journey, her strategies for staying on top of the game at the platform, and dissect the anatomy of her most successful stories.

Don’t miss this session. You can join in the discussion and ask your questions LIVE.

In case you miss the live video, you can always watch the recorded version by clicking on the same link.

Bring in all those interesting questions you always had about Medium. Tonight, you’re getting all the answers!

See you in 30 minutes.