I'm Going LIVE in 30 Minutes With A Super Inspiring Guest

Say hello to Jon Hawkins - multiple Top Writer on Medium, the editor of The Apeiron Blog, and the Submissions Manager of Mind Cafe

Hey you!

This is to quickly let you know that in 30 minutes, I’m going live with Jon Hawkins on my YouTube channel.

For those of you who don’t know him, Jon is a multiple top writer on Medium and is associated with two of Medium’s most amazing publications: Mind Cafe and The Apeiron Blog.

In the chat, Jon and I will be discussing about writing on Medium, what it takes to publish a successful story, the metrics and dynamics of making a living by writing on Medium, and what it takes to get published with major publications.

We will also be taking LIVE questions from the audience, so if you had any queries regarding writing on Medium, for Mind Cafe, or in general making money from your writing, make sure you catch the interview and leave your questions in the chatbox.

Watch the Interview NOW

If you miss the live interview, a recorded version will be available on the same link. Make sure you don’t miss this as it promises a LOT of value to get you started on your journey as a writer or give you the push you’d been looking for.

See you over at YouTube in a few minutes.

Till then, stay awesome.