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Ryan Fan is one of the most respected writers on Medium. With over 8000 followers, he is currently a Top Writer in 13 topics and runs Invisible Illness - Medium’s most-trusted publication related to mental health with more than 55,000 followers.

And today, I’m going to have Ryan all to myself to ask some questions related to his journey on Medium, his writing process, the idea behind creating a publication, and what it takes to get published with Invisible Illness. Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • The anatomy of Ryan’s most successful Medium article.

  • His writing process and how to consistently come up with new article ideas.

  • Valuable tips for beginners on the platform.

If you’re a writer on Medium, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to ask your questions to Ryan LIVE on YouTube.

In case you can’t attend the live session, a recorded version of the video chat will be available on the same link.

In other news, I recently announced that Project Medium is accepting new students. In the overwhelming response received, we welcomed 6 new students to the team and all slots are now filled for February. If you missed out this time around, keep watching this space for more. The new slots will open soon in March. As members of my email family, you’ll be the first to hear any news regarding this.

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That’s all for today. I will see you again soon. Till then, stay awesome.