I'm Going LIVE in A Few Minutes

$20,000+ from writing in 3 months? The incredible story of the lady who did that!

Hey you!

I’m going LIVE on my YouTube channel at 10.30 PM IST today. This is a discussion with the amazing writer, Sira M and her incredible journey of earning $20,000 on the platform in just 90 days. Aside from the money, Sira also has almost 7000 followers and is a Top Writer in multiple topics.

This is a LIVE interview, so if you’ve got any questions about writing, publishing, and making money on Medium, here’s your chance to ask away in the comments. Do show up. It’s going to be super fun!

The interview is going to be available on the same link after the live streaming is over. So, in case you missed it live, you can always watch it later.

I’m so excited about this amazing conversation we’re going to have. Hope you’ll have fun too.

See you around at 10.30 PM IST on my YouTube channel!