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Did you know, that as of October 2020, only 5% of active writers make more than $100 every month on Medium? Most of the high-earners are people who started in early 2017 or 2018 or have tens of thousands of followers.

I started writing seriously on Medium in May 2020. I made $100 in my first month and kept studying the platform and writing my stories. In October 2020, I made $1400+. This was a combination of Partner Program earnings and commissioned pieces on Medium-owned publications.

I also got 2.8k+ followers and Top Writer tag in 10+ topics. As a non-native English speaker with no prior experience, this is a HUGE deal.

And now, I’m going to teach 10 of you how to make your first $100 by writing on Medium. I’m starting my coaching program where I’ll share all the strategies I’ve learned and how you can apply them to your writing. By becoming a member, you will:

  1. Learn concrete steps on how to get started and publish with major publications on Medium.

  2. Write compelling articles that are liked by hundreds of people. You can write on whatever topics you wish to choose.

  3. Grow a stable, sustainable income on Medium.

  4. Save the time and effort needed to figure out all these strategies by yourself.

The program consists of 7 modules.

Module 1: Basics of the Platform

®    Getting started

®    Designing your profile page

®    How the Medium Partner Program works

®    Your homepage

®    Publications

®    Stories and responses

Module 2: Making Success A Habit

®    Things to keep in mind for attaining success

®    Understanding your goals

®    Setting targets according to goals

®    Generating article ideas

®    Building a writing habit

Module 3: The Anatomy of a Successful Medium Story

®    Choosing topics to write about

®    Writing headlines and subheadings

®    Section headers

®    Formatting checklist

®    Getting the right language and grammar

®    The secrets of curation

Module 4: All You Need to Know About Publications

®    What are publications and why are they so important?

®    The top 10 best publications for beginners

®    How to select a publication to pitch your story to

®    How to get accepted into major Medium publications

®    Building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with publications owners

®    Everything you need to know about creating your own publication

Module 5: Exponential Growth

®    Analysing stats for optimum growth

®    Choosing tags for your story

®    Top Writer tags, what they mean, and how you can get them

®    The secrets of getting more internal views

®    Why you need your own CTA

Module 6: Beyond the Medium Partner Program

®    How to write for the reader

®    Writing compelling introductions for more engagement

®    Getting your first commissioned article

®    The anatomy of viral headlines

®    Case studies: Examples from my previous clients’ success and how you can apply the exact steps to earn your first $100 on Medium.

There are three packages (duration: 3 months) with extra benefits as you go up each tier.

1.Mastery Package

®   5+ hours of video lessons.

®   Checklists and cheat-sheets.

®   One group coaching session every week.

®   Access to a private mastermind group for discussion and feedback/editing on all articles.

®   Lifetime access to all content.

Price: INR 6000

(100% of my previous clients have made $100+ in the first 2 months after applying my tips)

2.Coaching and Mastery Package

®   All benefits of Mastery Package.

®   All benefits of Mastery Package.

®   One 1-on-1 coaching session of 1 hour per month.

®   Personal feedback on 3 articles of 1000-1500 words per month

Price: INR 10000 or $140 USD

3.VIP Mastery Package

®   All benefits of Mastery Package.

®   Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions of 1 hour each per month.

®   Personal feedback on 1 article of 1000-1500 words per week.

®   Brainstorming and accountability sessions.

®   Private email and chat access.

Price: INR 20000

Note: There’s a monthly instalment offer in each of the three packages. Reply to this email if you wish to know details.

That’s all for today. I’ve worked super hard to put this course together for you. I’m so excited to work with you and help you make your first $100 from Medium. If you have any questions regarding the course, Medium, or writing online, feel free to reply to this mail.

Looking forward to your responses. I’ll see you again next week.

Till then, keep writing, keep smiling, and stay awesome.