YouTube messed my video up, so I had to upload it again

Working link + some interesting food for thought

Hi you!

If you read my newsletter from earlier today, you’d realize that the video link I’d shared didn’t work. That’s because YouTube really messed up my previous video and I had to upload it again. Here’s a working link in case you wanted to check the video out:

If video is not your jam, I also wrote an article detailing the breakdown of all my sources of income, the takeaway from each, and how I plan to increase my income even further in February 2021. You can check the article here:

How I Earned $4,948 in a Month With 7 Income Streams

In other news, if you only read one article today, read this (I know this sounds clickbaity, but this article raises some important questions, and I’m sure it will give you a lot of questions to ponder upon):

The Reverse Effects of Toxic Empathy

Premise: When someone you care for is struggling, it’s hard to distinguish between empathic and enabling behavior. This article looks at the science behind the two and raises some important questions to help you ponder over your choices.

That’s all from my end today. I’ll see you again soon. Till then, stay awesome.